3M Perfect-It Polishing Back-up Pad 09552 -125 mm

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3M Perfect-It Polishing Back-up Pad 125 mm

  • For attachment to m14 thread rotary machine polishers
  • Durable and long-lasting performance
  • Polishing between flat and contoured surfaces is made easy

The simple hook and loop system of this back-up pad makes the attachment of compounding and polishing pads quick and easy. A nylon plate is bonded to a thick layer of foam that provides excellent impact resistance and durability no matter the job. The unique characteristics of this product also give it a high level of flexibility, which means that even moving between flat and contoured surfaces is simple and quick.

A substantial amount of soft foam padding means that users can operate their polisher with the utmost confidence to achieve a better quality, professional-looking finish when it comes to polishing and paint corrections. Durable and long-lasting, they offer an incredibly cost-effective solution with superb value for money. A valuable addition to any car restoration kit.

For best results, use a 3M Perfect-It™ Polishing Back-Up Pad to attach a 3M Polishing Pad to your M14 Thread Rotary Machine Polisher.